JavaScript Workshop at CodeSmith

Key Takeaways There were a lot of material covered for a beginner in JavaScript in this . However, it taught me that there is so much more to JavaScript than just what the language entails, in essence there are a lot of things that can be done using JavaScript that JavaScript doesn’t do, but rather... Continue Reading →


CSS Tricks

After making it through a week of class, we made it to the second week where we will move on to new topics and expand our skillset to create more responsive websites. Throughout the first week, it was a bit cumbersome having to switch rooms between the first half and second half of the day.... Continue Reading →

Creating Websites

After going through 2 weeks of an intense vestibule, I finally made it into web development module where I will be able to learn how to make websites through HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, the essentials of front-end web development, and use the command line, git and github to code more efficiently. For the first day, the... Continue Reading →

My Final Project in the Vestibule

Assignment Specification: For our final project, we had to create something that displayed our knowledge of the topics covered throughout the vestibule from operators, increment and decrements, conditional statements, loops, objects, classes, array, etc. We also had to show progress from our first assignment to our final project. Therefore, our final project has to be... Continue Reading →

My First Coding Assessment

System, Environment 1. What is Processing? Processing is an Integrated Development Environment in which people can write programs that create visual art. It is helpful for learning how to code and visualizing it. 2. What does IDE stand for? Describe its components. An IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment which is a software that consolidates... Continue Reading →

Dedication and Drive

After successfully making it through a whole week in the vestibule, and entering the second week at day 6, I am ready and excited to learn new things and work on new projects. In the career planning section today, we went through inspirational videos that really resonated the message that we can make it throughout... Continue Reading →

Why Career Planning Is Crucial

Expectations vs Reality Throughout my vestibule so far, I am glad to say that I have been able to receive valuable information not only regarding how to program software and learning how to code, but also gaining useful career planning insight and research that I found was an integral part of the program in shaping... Continue Reading →

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